Streaming works because it offers benefits both to you and to your audience.

The way in which people want to experience and participate in meetings and events has changed.
Streaming makes it possible for many additional people to participate in your event.  On demand viewing extends the reach of it. Your event no longer needs to die when the last speaker leaves the stage.

Streaming opens up the event to those who could not attend and it means those people can watch (or buy access to view) only the sections that interest them most.  They save time and don’t incur costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence while you generate audience and potential income you otherwise might not have had.

Streaming also offers further benefits to event organisers.  You can sell access to view your content to an additional audience and you reduce the costs associated with room hire, catering, printing, photocopying, name badges and delegate bags.

We’ll be happy to explore the many ways in which streaming can benefit your next event.

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