mx_smlThe technology behind broadcasting your event live on the internet is undeniably complex.  Our involvement adds value in that you know it is a proven, professional, offering that will make your event accessible to viewers across desktop and mobile devices and across platforms such as Android and iOS. 

Your content can even be watched via set-top boxes and internet enabled televisions.

Getting every piece of the jigsaw in the right place at the right time is difficult.  Thankfully we work with you every step of the way to make it painless.  All you have to do is brief us and we make it happen – that’s our job!

There are three simple steps in the process:

1. Use the contact us page to send us an enquiry;

2. We’ll contact you to discuss your specific needs – no two events are the same and each has something unique that it is trying to achieve;

3. Following that we’ll prepare a proposal for you detailing exactly how we will meet your needs and setting out the costs associated with the project.

That’s it!

We take care of everything else to make the live stream and on-demand recording of your event happen!